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Our students write about the Vienna-Tel Aviv Vocal Connection Workshop:


Yael Sayag writes:


The workshop has provided me with a necessary tool kit to improve and perfect my skills as a professional singer.

By getting exposure to top notch vocal teachers and conductors every artist gets a chance to experience a real audition and to perform live in front of an audience.

On top of that having people like Rosemarie who are dedicated to the well being and professionalism of the artists is a unique privilege.

Nofar Yacobi writes:


When I try to imagine a professional workshop for opera singers, I imagine the wonderful week that I had in the Vocal Connection workshop. I had the honor of working with internationally outstanding musicians, among them the soprano Sylvia Greenberg, the soprano Rosemarie Danziger, and the Conductor David Aronson. These extremely professional musicians gave me a lot in a very short time.

One of the most beautiful things of the workshop for me is the atmosphere. During the week I spent in the workshop, I had the feeling that everybody - from singers to teachers - is sharing a warm and loving home, intense musical work and a lot of inspiration.

I warmly recommend the workshop and I see it as an opportunity to work with great musicians that can give something special to each singer.



Shaked Bar writes:


I found the workshop for advanced singers perfect for my needs, as it was designed to guide singers towards the beginning of a professional career. The workshop has also provided me with practical tools and opportunities to meet the real professional world, and in that sense, it exceeded my expectations. The intimate atmosphere and the relaxed and friendly manner created in a private house was one of the many factors which allowed me to make the most of this period of time. Each teacher had their own unique point of view and all together, along with the guest speakers, created an intense and very satisfying experience.



Tali Ketzef writes:


The atmosphere of the workshop was nurturing and supportive. The teachers-students relations were warm and collegial and, at the same time, highly professional. The work with David was of the highest quality in grounding the singer's repertoire in every aspect of the operatic work: role and text comprehension, language pronunciation, artistic delivery, tending to the minutest nuances of the music. Sylvia works in a direct-straight-forward manner. She works softly and with a lot of patience, giving each individual singer suitable tools; correcting positions and freeing tensions. Sylvia is a tenacious teacher, never giving up before she reaches the desired result.

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